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#18853 invalid lose focus when navigating editable cell using tab key with enhanced grid swatijain

Tabbing in cells of enhanced grid is not working properly in IE11.

If we click on one cell and press tab to navigate to next cell,the focus disappears.

So,Tab key action is not working as expected in IE11. We are using DOJO version 1.7.2

#18852 invalid Tabbing in dGrid not working in IE11 with DOJO version 1.7.2 swatijain

Tabbing is not working in IE11.

If we click on one cell and press tab key,the focus should go to next editable cell.But its toggling between the clicked cell and next cell.

And also once tab is pressed, browser gets hanged and not able to work on IE11 further. The Browser has to be closed and started again.

#18851 fixed Bug found in dijit.Tree. Error occurs when deleting a mouse focused tree node. bill qzhong

To reproduce the bug in dojo test page:

  1. Copy the attached file test_TreeDeleteBug.html into dijit/tests/tree
  2. Load it up in browser
  3. Select "United States of America" node in the third tree
  4. Click "delete item of USA" button on the buttom

Observed: console error: Failed to execute 'contains' on 'Node': parameter 1 is not of type 'Node'.

After debugging on the dojo source, we found that dom.isDescendant is passing a wrong parameter: dom.isDescendant(tree.lastFocusedChild.domNode, tree.domNode). Here "tree.lastFocusedChild" is a widget, but dom.isDescendant is expecting 2 nodes. The error occurs in dom.js line 104. The problem got solved after manually passing domNode of the widget: dom.isDescendant (tree.lastFocusedChild.domNode, tree.domNode). Also the problem does manifest in the D.O.H test cases: test case "nestItemDelete" failed with the same error.

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