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#18673 fixed dijit/form/_AutoCompleterMixin | _TextBoxMixin regression with "input" event listeners bill Adrian Vasiliu

This is reproducible with master and the 1.10 branch, presumably also with the 1.9 and 1.8 branches. I entered version=1.10.4 because I didn't see a better choice available such as "master".

When a widget based on dijit/form/_AutoCompleterMixin is used with a listener on "input" events, when the user enters a character in the input field the following error is raised:

Uncaught TypeError?: Cannot read property 'charOrCode' of undefined

The error is thrown by dijit/form/_SearchMixin._processInput():

_processInput: function(evt){
	if(this.disabled || this.readOnly){ return; }
	var key = evt.charOrCode; // error here, evt is undefined

which is called by dijit/form/_TextBoxMixin._onInput() which passes undefined for the event argument:

_onInput: function(){
	this._lastInputEventValue = this.textbox.value;
	// For Combobox, this needs to be called w/the keydown/keypress event that was passed to onInput()

The issue seems to be a side-effect of - similar commits in 1.10, 1.9, and 1.8 branches - in the context of #14703).

How to reproduce: Load in a browser (reproduced in several desktop and mobile browsers), type a character in the input field and check the console => the error mentioned above shows up.

This test file is a modified version of The changes consist in:

  • (for simplicity) removing all but one dijit widget based on _AutoCompleterMixin and _TextBoxMixin
  • ensuring the input field is initially empty, and
  • adding to the widget a listener for "input" events.

The issue also impacts dojox/mobile widgets using these dijit/form mixins via dojox/mobile/SearchBox. It prevents for instance to perform the filtering of a List using the FilteredListMixin? - however, on the dojox/mobile side this is reproducible only with same mobile browsers.

#18406 fixed Umalqura calendar need to be re-impelmented according to the new month-length table [email protected] AhmedMustafa

Umalqura calendar need to be re-impelmented according to the new month-length table provided by site admin.

#18623 patchwelcome Missing Arabic Numeric Shaping Support in Dojo AhmedMustafa

Arabic and many other languages have classical shapes for digits "National Digits" that are different from the conventional Western Digits (European). From the Arabic user's point of view, Arabic-Indic numerals are the basic numerals used in almost all forms of documents such as most of government documents. Dojo should provide APIs which allow the end user to change the digits shapes from European to Arabic & vice versa.

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