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#17598 fixed dojo/dijit/templates/MenuItem.html accessibility Bill Keese <[email protected]…> apbdojo

iPad iOS 7 Safari VoiceOver? With Menu created with autoFocus true, VoiceOver? cursor is not set to the first MenuItem? of the Menu as expected.

A workaround is to set the property role="presentation" for the containerNode <td> on line 5 of the template dojo/dijit/templates/MenuItem.html

Perhaps this property should be added to line 5 of the production template. Because of the accessibility issue, I have entered this ticket as type defect instead of feature.

#17744 fixed [regression] _HasDropDown: dropdown misaligned when right-aligned and autoWidth:true Bill Keese <[email protected]…> bill

Starting from 4d1ddb9 (see #10631), if a dropdown is right-aligned (anchor node right border flush with dropdown right border), and then its width is increased due to autoWidth: true setting, the positioning will be off. It's because the width is increased without the style.left value being adjusted.

Happens mainly on RTL pages.

See attached test file.

#17745 fixed pressing ENTER doesn't move caret to next line, caret sometimes disappears (IE10) Bill Keese <[email protected]…> bill

To reproduce:

  1. Load test_Editor.html on IE10.
  2. Position caret at end of text in "editor1" (the second editor on the page).
  3. Use ENTER key to input some new lines of text

First bug: pressing ENTER does not move the caret to the next line; it only moves when you start typing printable characters (ex: hello world).

Next, click into editor2, then back to editor1, and repeat the experiment. This shows the second bug, where the caret disappears completely (until you start typing some characters).

Caused by the EnterKeyHandling? plugin. Maybe related to #13744.

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