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#17401 patchwelcome 'onApplyCellEdit' does not work in IE sam007

It seems there is a bug in the 'onApplyCellEdit' event of dojox.EnhancedGrid?.

Here is a jsfiddle,

Open it in Chrome and then in IE (any IE). If you edit the second column, change false to true, and press enter, u will see a message in the console, which means onApplyCellEdit is triggered.

But if you edit a cell and then, without pressing enter, click on the Destroy on OK button, onApplyCellEdit is triggered in Chrome but not in IE.

#16895 patchwelcome 'rowHeightChanged' of _Grid.scroller is undefined Evan chrisacky

Hey, With dojox.EnhancedGrid? (might also be in DataGrid?) in file dojox/grid/_Grid.js on line 964, if you reuse the same grid multiple times, and clear out the items, then use the grid again when it doesn't have a scroller, it appears as though the scroller becomes undefined.

Checking that scroller exists would fix it...


Someone with more knowledge than me on the internals could probably advise, but for me, scroller is undefined after reusing the Grid multiple times. (ie, Clearing the store and inserting new items so the scroll doesn't show).

typeof this.scroller !== "undefined" would fix this.

#7013 fixed 'this.avatar has no properties' after dnd in Tree bill guest

to reproduce, go to

  • move the Orange from 'Fruits' to 'Vegetables'
  • move the mouse out of the tree

Tested in FF2/Linux, FF3/XP. In FF3, the error message is 'this.avatar is null'

Please note, DnD actually works - I can't tell at the moment if the error causes any harm. Unfortunately, Firebug and the FF Console give strange locations (I also tested locally with an uncompressed .js) so I couldn't even locate the exact position :(

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