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#120 fixed [patch] bugfix for drag'n'drop anonymous [email protected]

Now it works in IE6 and FF 1.0.7. It still doesn't work in Opera 8.50.

#121 fixed dojo.html.disableSelection for node anonymous Michael Schall

It would be nice to have dojo.html.disableSelection / enableSelection accept a node parameter (default to document.body) so you can disable/enable selection for a section of a page.

I'm building a widget and would like the widget to have selection turned off, but don't want to force the whole page to disabled.

#122 fixed [patch] bugfix for Opera anonymous [email protected]

Today's changes broke Opera 8.50 completely. Opera defines some objects similar to IE or FF, but not all properties and methods are implemented.


if (document.selection) document.selection.clear();

This code breaks Opera because document.selection doesn't have clear() method. Opera's document.selection is a string. Its only method is createRange(). The correct code should check for methods before calling them:

if (document.selection && document.selection.clear) document.selection.clear();

The same goes for new SVG sniffing, which expects enabledPlugin to be defined.

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