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#17350 fixed Dialog: support dojox.layout.ResizeHandle Bill Keese <[email protected]…> bill

On 1.7, dijit.Dialog can ostensibly be resized specifying the dialog widget ID to "targetId" property of dojox.layout.ResizeHandle?. It doesn't work perfectly though because only Dialog.domNode is resized, not Dialog.containerNode, which in particular means that if you size the dialog smaller than the content, you won't see a scrollbar because Dialog.containerNode extends past the bottom of Dialog.domNode.

On 1.8, the resize handle can't change the size of the dialog at all.

This seems because, dijit._DialogBase on 1.8 implement own resize() method, which does not respect the first parameter that ResizeHandle? passes.

The attached is a simple test case.

A workaround is assigning an ID to domNode of the dialog and pass the ID to "targetId", so that ResizeHandle? resizes the dialog DOM node, instead of calling resize() method of the dialog widget.

#17560 fixed Editor focus not detected (FF) Bill Keese <[email protected]…> bill

Focus manager detects when an editor gets focused by setting up listeners on the iframe. The problem is that on FF the focus event in the iframe is ignored because of this code in focus.js:

if(tag == "#document" || tag == "body"){ return; }

This is part of the cause of a failure in the "tabbing" test in Editor_a11y.html on FF after checking in #10415.

An alternate approach to fixing it though it to use the wrapper div in firefox, like in other browsers. The current code is:

if(has("ie") || has("webkit") || (!this.height && !has("mozilla"))){
        // In auto-expand mode, need a wrapper div for AlwaysShowToolbar plugin to correctly
        // expand/contract the editor as the content changes.
        html = "<div id='dijitEditorBody'></div>";
        setBodyId = false;
}else if(has("mozilla")){
        // workaround bug where can't select then delete text (until user types something
        // into the editor)... and/or issue where typing doesn't erase selected text
        this._cursorToStart = true;
        html = "&#160;";        // &nbsp;
#17561 fixed Editor.get("value") has trailing empty <p> (Chrome) Bill Keese <[email protected]…> bill

Editor_mouse.html and Editor_a11y.html get arguably spurious failures because Editor.get("value") has a trailing <p> node:

hello <b>bold</b> and <i>exciting</i> new world.<p>

The problem happens at least as far back as 1.7.1, and only in chrome, so it's probably a bug that started in newer versions of chrome, rather than a particular version of dojo.

Mainly harmless, but still should be fixed to avoid the test failure, and possibly backported.

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