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#9319 fixed windowName contentHandlers Adam Peller maulin

If you specify a load method in your xhrGet request, it gets called BEFORE the callback that does the handleAs handling in xhrWindowNamePlugin. So you end up with the argument to the load method you specify ALWAYS being treated as text. (Not that you do add a callback to handle fixing the data as per the content handlers, but its called AFTER the load method, which isn't too useful!

fix attached as patch

#10664 wontfix windowName causes a warning in IE6 when doing sends from https domains Kris Zyp jamoville

If you have a web page that is using https that is making a POST call using IE6 an iframe is created (this line in the windowName.js.uncompressed.js)

var frame = ioArgs.frame = frame = doc.createElement(dojo.isIE ? '<iframe name="' + frameName + '" onload="">' : 'iframe');

When doing a post the following line is used:


In IE6 when no src is used on an iframe the src defaults to about:blank. This is defaulted to http and not https. This will cause IE6 to issue a warning indicating "there is unsecured data on this page do you want to continue".

If a src value is included, such as a blank page then this will go away.

Browser - IE6 Protocol of request - https Request type - POST OS - windows Dojo version - 1.4 file - windowname.js and uncompressed

#9381 fixed windowName vs. dojoBlankHtmlUrl vs dojoCallbackUrl Kris Zyp maulin

windowName when loaded from xdomain needs dojoCallbackUrl set to a local blank.html. But uses dojoBlankHtmlUrl. The latter is well documented. The former I only found by analyzing the source of windowName.

Can we decide on a single one, since they both point to the same file? And either way, can we document in windowName that in xdomain this must be set. This was a tough bug to track down, since I had set dojoBlankHtmlUrl and expected things to work.

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