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#6446 patchwelcome Tree: drop targets should show accept/reject status bill

See test_Tree_Dnd.html. The drop targets should change as you hover over them to show accept/reject status.

Taken from Alex's email, and also IBM design recommendations.

#6492 fixed StackController: changed buttonWidget setChecked API behavior from 1.0 to 1.1 James Burke

In the StackContainer.js, in the definition for StackController.onSelectChild:

In Dojo 1.0, it would call oldButton and newButton's setChecked method. This allowed those buttons to do different styling based on the checked state.

In Dojo 1.1, oldButton and newButton's setChecked method is not called, but instead uses a setAttribute call on the buttons.

I can appreciate that the setChecked method on dijit.form.ToggleButton is deprecated, but this feels like API breakage since someone who overrides the StackController's buttonWidget string and uses their own button that expects onChecked to be called on their button, it does not work if they move to 1.1.

Not sure if it is a high enough priority to warrant a fix or if you want to treat this as a release notes thing, but just mentioning it since I just spent some time tracking this down in some Dojo 1.0 code that I am porting to 1.1.

#6493 patchwelcome Range support for Date and Timepicker nonken

Both time and date picker need a way to support validation of spans. So if I have two date pickers or two time pickers or two datetime pickers it would be handy to be able to define spans.

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