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#18862 fixed FilteringSelect does not clear value in IE in all cases bill Michael Schall

IE (at least v11, may be earlier) has an "X" in <input type=text /> to clear the value of a text box. The FilteringSelect? widget (which uses <input type=text /> for autocomplete) does not clear the value of the widget if the keyboard is used to select a value and the "X" is used to clear it. It works fine if the item is selected from the drop down using the mouse.

Clear on textbox is an IE only feature, so need to test with IE...

Here is reproduction:

Good case:

  1. click the drop down arrow
  2. select Glovertown
  3. click off the dropdown widget
  4. click "Get Value" button
  5. current value will be shown as 2
  6. click in text box ("X" appears on right)
  7. click "x" (text is removed, dropdown is shown)
  8. click "Get Value" button
  9. current value will be shown as empty

Bad case:

  1. click in text box
  2. type Gl <tab>
  3. click "Get Value" button
  4. current value will be shown as 2
  5. click in text box ("X" appears on right)
  6. click "x" (text is removed, dropdown is NOT shown)
  7. click "Get Value" button
  8. current value will be shown as 2 <-- incorrect!

A workaround is to hide the "X" for FilteringSelect? inputs:

.dijitComboBox .dijitInputInner::-ms-clear {
        display: none;
        width: 0px;
        height: 0px;

However we would like to keep the "X" if possible. We are using 1.10.4 in production which also has this issue.

#18860 invalid dojo controls appearance issue in iframe in a widget based structure [email protected]

dijit.form.textbox in widget based structure is appearing as single vertical line in iframe,means its width is reducing to zero.

dijit.form.button is also appearing as two lines in iframe.

#18859 invalid Dojo Grid issue with large datasets Evan jeetu_dev

There are multiple issues with Dojo grid when large data source is provided:

  • Scrolling issue when 2000+ records are to be displayed on the grid.
  • On Firefox, is throws the script error while binding the data source to grid. On several 'continue' button presses it finally renders the data.
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