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#1813 fixed "Explode" effect only works with widgets, not with reguarl HTML elements like div's Bryan Forbes guest

If you instatiate a pre-built dojo widget and set the toggle effect to "explode" the explode effect does gracefully explode. But if you tie the "explode" effect to a div or some other HTML container element, it doesn't explode. It waits until the last moment and then appears on screen in the final position. This has been tested in IE7 FF 1.5 and FF 2.0 with the same effect for each.

Currently, it works on the dojo website at, but if you download the nightly build or any of the 0.4 build flavors and check the same test file, it just appears on screen with no explode effect. The implode effect seems to work fine in all cases. This is also true if you use the effect outside the test.

#7598 fixed "Janky" resize in border container for IE Dustin Machi Dustin Machi

When the 'janky' branch of bc's _layoutChildren gets called it fails to pass on a correct/complete box to the children's resize method. A test file is attached.

This method, in the janky branch is declared

                       var resizeWidget = function(widget, dim){
                                        (widget.resize ? widget.resize(dim) : dojo.marginBox(widget.domNode, dim));

followed by several lines:

 if(leftSplitter){ = sidebarHeight; }
                        if(rightSplitter){ = sidebarHeight; }
                        resizeWidget(this._leftWidget, {h: sidebarHeight}, dim.left);
                        resizeWidget(this._rightWidget, {h: sidebarHeight}, dim.right);

                        if(topSplitter){ = sidebarWidth; }
                        if(bottomSplitter){ = sidebarWidth; }
                        resizeWidget(this._topWidget, {w: sidebarWidth},;
                        resizeWidget(this._bottomWidget, {w: sidebarWidth}, dim.bottom);


all execpt the final resizeWidget call is incorrect. There are only two params to the resizeWidget call. I believe the middle 'object' can just be removed. In my local tests so far I am getting data through that is now close to correct. They height thus far always appears to be 3px off, but this may be something in the app I am working on not the bc.

#15512 fixed "Long" touches on buttons do not work properly bill Colin Snover

Using dijit/form/test_Button.html, touch one of the non-DropDownButton? buttons for a couple hundred milliseconds, just long enough for the grey focus rectangle thing to appear. It will either not activate (toggle button) or double-activate (other buttons).

Testing with iOS 5.1 on iPad.

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