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#18839 invalid dijit/place.around() calculates position of an "around" Node incorrectly when this node is inside of fullscreened div bill 39dotyt

The bug is within those lines:

Breaking loop when we meeting a fullscreened parent should fix issue.

#9481 fixed DataGrid Editing isue after columnReorder evan 3epnm

The problem can be seen when in dojox.grid.DataGrid? in combination with columnReordering: true, and editable: true for the cells in the Grid Layout.

The in-grid-edit works fine until a column ist moved. After moving a datagrid column, a doubleclick in one cell may switch one other cell in the same row in edit mode - a doubleclick in some other cells do nothing.

For the DataGrid? in my Project the JsonQueryRestStore? is used. The Isue also appears with other DataStores?.

The Isue is comprehensible in the File test_grid_column_reorder.html. Changing the Cell Config in the Datagrids Layout Container to editable: true shows this Problem.

Hopefully, someone have an Idea to fix this problem.

OS: Windows Vista, User Agend: Firefox 3.0.11, Dojo: tags/dojo-release-1.3.1rc1

#18504 patchwelcome Highlight a line is reset when the cursor moves between cells within the same row Evan 65KrivonosovAV

The "_mouseOut" event of the Grid object is called when a user moves mouse cursor from one cell to another within one row.

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