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#15064 fixed better handling of setTimeout in mobile Adrian Vasiliu ben hockey

the setTimeout calls used extensively throughout dojox/mobile (particularly the longer ones) should be tracked and if there are any outstanding timeouts when a widget is destroyed, those should be cleared. _WidgetBase has a defer function to help with this that might be useful.

in particular, there is one specific call in _ItemBase that is constantly causing problems in an app i'm working on when the widgets are destroyed before that setTimeout completes:

        _this.set("selected", false);
}, this._duration);

this._duration is 800ms by default and by the time that function is called, the domNode has been set to null and causes all kinds of problems. this setTimeout should be cleared in the destroy of the widget.

#15628 fixed show() should call resize() Adrian Vasiliu Eric Durocher

If a SimpleDialog? contains a ScrollablePane? with roundCornerMask=true, the mask will not be correctly updated when the dialog is shown. The same problem may happen with other widgets whole layout depend on the visibility. A solution is to call this.resize() in the show() method of SimpleDialog?.

#15998 patchwelcome - touch vs clickeevnt Adrian Vasiliu gerhard presser

the mobile-slider uses touchstart and mousedown-events to initialize value-changing. this are the right events for the 'handle' but I think not for the 'touchBox'. In fact it causes problems in one of my mobile apps. I have sliders nested in a scrollable-pane - if scrolling of the pane is initialized on a slider, the slider gets changed instead. I think the correkt event on the 'touchBox' would be an onclick-event!? prove me wrong. regards

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