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#16531 invalid ymin ymax bug in dojox/charting/plot2d/common superdweebie superdweebie

If both ymin and ymax are set on a series, and no axies are specified, then hmin and hmax are not calculated (and they should be).

Patched file attached.

(this is an easy fix. I'd really appreciate if this could be in the master soonish)

#6124 fixed year symbol corrupted up on builds bill bill

Something very strange w/the build. On the source themeTester the calendar shows up fine, w/correct kanji for month, days of week, and year. On the build themeTester on a Japanese OS, the calendar shows up fine *except* for the year sign (after 2007, 2008, 2009).

Reproduces on a local build.

Found out that dijit-all.js interns this code from date/locale.js:

year += "u5E74";

and converts it to:


That looks fine... must be that we just need to specify the encoding of the dijit-all.js file (as UTF-8). as we include it into themeTester.html. I guess should be doing this everywhere.

#10962 fixed yaxis width calculated only by first and last label cjolif Ganeshpuri

If first and last item are very narrow the middle items are cut off in IE 8 and displayed incorrectly in FF. I've set up an example here:

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