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#17711 patchwelcome Supporting multi-axis ( e.g., three or more Y axes) in dojo charting. zwu_ca

I believe it is not too hard to support such a feature. Many other popular charting package already support this feature.

I made some change in chart.js and axis2d/default.js for my own purpose, but I don't know the general solution.

#15820 invalid FilteringSelect: dropdown is always displayed at the bottom of select Douglas Hays zuzusik

dijit.FilteringSelect? uses method to show its dropdown uses next code to do it:

var best = around ?
	place.around(wrapper, around, orient, ltr, widget.orient ? lang.hitch(widget, "orient") : null) :, args, orient == 'R' ? ['TR','BR','TL','BL'] : ['TL','BL','TR','BR'], args.padding); = ""; = "visible"; = "visible";	// counteract effects from _HasDropDown

This code then goes to dijit._place which uses dojo.marginBox to calculate if dropdown should be placed above or under the select input to fit the screen.

BUT! the wrapper has a style display set to 'none', so dojo.marginBox return it's height and width 0. This causes dijit._place to select not the really best position but the first of positions (which has aroundCorner set to "BL" and corner set to "TL")

So this can cause issues like on this screenshot when filtering select with long list is placed at the bottom of the page it's dropdown breaks the layout becaus of being placed under the select (look at attached file)

#17267 fixed dijit._WidgetBase fails in IE8 if widget's domNode is input with defined type attribute bill zuzusik


<input type="text" data-dojo-type="dijit._WidgetBase" />


require(["dojo/parser", "dojo/ready", "dijit/_WidgetBase"], function(parser, ready){
    ready(function () {

The code above will fail in IE8 with error:

dojo/parser::parse() errorError: This command is not supported.

This happens in _attrToDom method of dijit._WidgetBase (dijit/_WidgetBase.js, line 732)

domAttr.set(mapNode, attrName, value);

when this code tries to set 'type' attribute with value 'text' to widget's domNode which already has this attribute.

NOTE: you need clean IE8 - in emulation mode with newer IE versions this bug is not reproducible.

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