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#19033 fixed dojox IndicatorElement is not working properly when has('dojo-bidi') is true. dylans <[email protected]…> bmaier

Thiscode, inverts the indicator element whenever has('dojo-bidi') is true, but when the chart is not RTL it should not. When the chart is RTl, the chart is already being inverted so this flips it back to being incorrect. The latter behavior can be seen in one of the test pages, and if you set has('dojo-bidi') to true on the normal mouse indicator test page you can see the issue there as well.

This code was originally introduced as a fix for RTL support, so I'm a little concerned that it fixed a scenario I'm not seeing. But as far as I can tell, it seems to break it in either case.

#19030 fixed Select options do not close when its draggable Dialog is closed dylans <[email protected]…> Neil Roberts

The event handling performed in dojo/dnd/Moveable prevents the focus handler from detecting blur events. In the Dialog, with the close button in the draggable area, it will receive the click event and so close, but without notifying the focus system. We can take the close button out of the draggable events by stopping the events that would otherwise initiate the drag.

Attached is the test to reproduce this issue: click the select dropdown to open it, then click on the close button. The select dropdown will remain open. A second test with draggable: false does not have this issue.

#19028 fixed dojox/fx/scroll thinks all elements are the window in Firefox dylan bmaier

Firefox adds a scrollTo property to normal elements, which breaks the check for whether a provided element is actually the window in dojox/fx/scroll. Opening the attached example in Firefox demonstrates this bug as the parent div is scrolled to show an element that's already visible.

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