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#15479 duplicate 'name' attribute on input does not work in ie7 tanneman

When trying to set or get the name attribute of an input element this does not work on IE7. When using another element (eg div instead of input) it does work.

Steps to reproduce

  • use either way to create an input element
    • var inp = dojo.create('input', { name : 'test'});
    • var inp = dojo.create('input'); dojo.attr(inp, 'name', 'test');
  • Use dojo.attr(inp, 'name'); to get the input name.


  • The return value of dojo.attr(inp, 'name'); is 'test'


  • The return value is undefined.
#11204 fixed 'node is undefined' in LightBox test dante haysmark


The last test fails with the JavaScript? error, "node is undefined."

#11365 wontfix 'not wellformed' warning from firefox when working on locale files James Burke Heiko Kendziorra

Hi, my application has to work remote over http and from the local file system. Because of it is not sure, that internet is available the whole dojo libary is on the local file system.

Using Firefox and starting my application dojo trys to load the requestet *.js files (because of dojo.required....). For each requested file firefox error console throws a 'not wellformed' warning. The reason seems to be, that the locale filesystem not creates a http response header to inform Firefox about the mimetype - and so Firefox 'thinks' to get a xml document and trys to parse it. But it isn't xml and so the warning comes.

A similarly problem I got on loading data for a csv-store - with a local file. Here I got a 'syntax error' in the firefox error console. It seem to be the same problem.

For my self I made a hotfix in dojo/_base/xhr.js:

..., ioArgs.url, args.sync !== true, args.user || undefined, args.password || undefined);

   for(var hdr in args.headers){
      if(hdr.toLowerCase() === "content-type" && !args.contentType){
         args.contentType = args.headers[hdr];
      }else if(args.headers[hdr]){
         //Only add header if it has a value. This allows for instnace, skipping
         //insertion of X-Requested-With by specifying empty value.
         xhr.setRequestHeader(hdr, args.headers[hdr]);
/*begin hotfix*/
/*end hot fix*/  

similarly I fixed for my self hostenv_browser.js

d._getText = function(/*URI*/ uri, /*Boolean*/ fail_ok){
// summary: Read the contents of the specified uri and return those contents.
// uri: ...
var http = d._xhrObj();

/*begin hot fix*/     
/*end hot fix*/  

Completely the query 'if(d.isMoz)' is to hard and there is needed to ask for isLocaleRequest or similar. But I dont know how to ask this.

This is to do.

best regards Heiko Kendziorra (DResearch/Berlin)

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