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#13230 fixed dojox.mvc.repeat get error when parsed in template rahul zhangyp

When we use ref: '${this.index}' for data binding in dojox.mvc.repeat, '${this.index}' will be treated as variable in Django template by dijit._TemplatedMixin in _stringRepl: function(tmpl) and will cause the function to throw error.

Is there anyway to prevent this being replaced when dojox.mvc.repeat is used in template string?

#13360 fixed setting icon to non-existing resource in iconitem will cause infinite loop in Chrome ykami zhangyp

If the icon attribute is set to non-existing resource in iconitem, it will trigger onError handler to set iconNode.src to its parent's default icon which is empty string "" in this test case. Chrome will treat this empty string as resource that can not be found and will start the infite loop of triggering onError.

We need to validate the this.getParent().defaultIcon before assign it to iconNode.src in this case to prevent the infinite loop.

#13386 wontfix onClick called twice on when parsed with dojo.parser Douglas Hays zhangyp

This testcase to show the difference between dojo.parser and When using dojo.parser to parse, the onClick will be called twice, the test cases can be found in attachment. To reproduce the problem, put the test html page in dojox/mobile/tests directory, open the html pages in Chrome and enable the console log. For the button parsed by dojo.parser, the log of click handler of the will be printed twice while the one parsed by will only print it once.

The root cause of the problem is that dojo.parser override onClick function in the dijit.form._ButtonMixin which is mixed into, while does not do that.

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