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#18866 fixed [pr][cla] DataGrid: errors instantiating a declarative DataGrid through the Markup Factory Evan gorgoroth

Dojox::grid::_Layout.js::addRowsDef(), uses lang.isArray() to determinate how to treat the columns definition.

When a DataGrid? is built with a declarative approach, addRowsDef() receives a single element array containing a NodeList? of the THEAD/TH nodes found by the markup factory.

Because lang.isArray() has changed the way it recognizes if the parameter is an array, now the NodeList? (inDef[0], inside addRowsDef()) is not recognized as an array: so addRowsDef() treats the parameter as a single column. This causes the grid columns structure to be corrupted with the result that the grid cannot be instantiated because _Layout.cells is not a list of cells but a single element array containing the needed array of cells inside the first element.

So, every access to the cells member to take a cell definition, will fail if the index is greater than 0 (see _Layout.js::setColunmVisibility(), for example).

Correct cells member: is an array of cells [cell, cell, cell,...]

Wrong cells member: is a single element array which contains the array of cells. cell, cell, cell,...?

#18865 fixed dojox/dtl render change Neil Roberts pinguxx

I use django template for a lot of my widgets i notice this change on dojox/dtl/tag/logic.js, line 137 from arred.push(items[key]); to arred.push([key, items[key]]);

all the places that i have loops are now broken since im referencing the first parameter and its no longer the object

example code

{% for successmsg in success.messages %}
    <span data-alerts-id="{{}}{{successmsg.message|safe}}</span>
{% endfor %}
#18863 wontfix Deprecation of xhr sync impacts sync loader dylan dylan

XHR 2.0 no longer includes sync requests, and Google has announced that they will remove sync requests with their release in September.


  • All non-xd builds prior to Dojo 1.7
  • i18n and text loading even in xd build in Dojo prior to 1.7
  • Anyone not setting async: true by default in their dojoConfig

Given these changes, we need to do the following:

  • Formally deprecate usage of sync xhr
  • Resolve issues around non-xd for old users, if possible
  • Change default in all 1.7+ releases to use async:true
  • Spread the word
  • Determine if there are other issues we need to solve
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