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#9961 fixed 'formatblock' in FF/Win sometimes throws exception Jared Jurkiewicz stpiker

Executing the formatblock command on empty lines (to set styling before typing) can throw "0x80004005(NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" exceptions for formats h2 & h3.

This bug was noticed w/ FF 3.0.14 on Windows XP/sp3. It does not occur w/ IE 8/Win or FF3/Mac.

To reproduce:

  • open .../dijit/tests/test_Editor.html
  • go to the "optional toolbar buttons" section
  • before entering text, select format "Subheading" (h2) or "Sub-subheading" (h3)
  • start entering text, you'll notice no formatting is applied and the Format selection goes away in the dropdown.
#2657 wontfix 'intern-strings' does not correctly expand URLs inside of CSS James Burke bradneuberg

The Dojo build system's 'intern-strings' directive is meant to inline widget HTML and CSS resources directly into the generated dojo.js file. If that CSS file contains a URL directive, such as the following from EditorToolbar?.css:

.dojoE2TBIcon {

background-image: url(buttons/aggregate.gif);


the 'intern-strings' widget doesn't correctly expand this into a relative address that is now relative to dojo.js, rather than the src/widgets/templates/ directory. This causes it to break and not display our images.

This impacts the Editor2 widget, which has a system to bundle up all the toolbar images into a single GIF file, which it then references using a CSS url() directive and CSS clipping directives to get each icon seperately. This can speed up page load time since all the GIF resources are essentially in one file. Without fixing this 'intern-strings' bug though, this doesn't work, which affects me with Moxie and Dojo Offline, contributing to slow page load.

I have attached a patch to fix this issue, applied to the file

#14375 fixed 'invalid label' error when loading i18n resource file Rawld Gill dholden

Loading a JSON resource file, that requires localization and that does not have parenthesis [()] around the JSON object, causes an 'invalid label' error in the browser (FF 8.0).

Steps to reproduce: Call dojo.requireLocalization("../<resource location>", "strings") where strings.js is: {

"STRING_1" : "My String"


The "evalBundle" function, in dojo/dojo/i18n.js, calls "eval(bundle)" for each resource being loaded. Changing "eval(bundle)" to "eval('(' + bundle + ')')" would solve this problem.

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