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#17764 patchwelcome dojox/mobile/TabBar: in some conditions the content is not correctly centered Adrian Vasiliu Adrian Vasiliu

In some conditions, the layout of the content of dojox/mobile/TabBar is badly computed and it is not correctly centered. This happens if all these conditions are met:

  • The barType is segmentedControl or standardTab or slimTab or flatTab (but NOT the default type which is tabBar, for which no centering is done), and
  • The TabBar? is used as a fixed footer (not header) in a ScrollableView? (fixed: "bottom"), and
  • TabBar?'s "fill" property is not "always".

The issue hurts in Dojo 1.9.0+.

Raised in

How to reproduce: load the attached testTabBar.html in any browser (tested on Chrome and FF on desktop, and stock browser and Chrome on Android 4.x). The buttons of the TabBar? should be centered horizontally, they are not.

#17822 fixed dojox/mobile/scrollable: in some conditions, onFlickAnimationStart/End() are not properly triggered Adrian Vasiliu Adrian Vasiliu

Depending on the scrollType and browser, dojox/mobile/scrollable.onFlickAnimationStart/End() may be improperly triggered:

  • either onFlickAnimationStart() is not called at all (holds for all browsers with scrollType 2 or 3), or
  • onFlickAnimationEnd() is triggered twice instead of once (holds with scrollType 2 for Safari on iOS 7, but not for Chrome on desktop or Android 4.4, for instance).

This issue hurts in some conditions for the behavior of widgets using dojox/mobile/scrollable, such as SpinWheel? and SwapView?.

How to reproduce: run the DOH unit test attached to the (upcoming) pool request.

#17998 fixed dojox/mobile: updates and fixes in tests Adrian Vasiliu

This ticket collects updates and fixes of dojox/mobile manual and DOH tests for the 1.10 release.

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