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#12736 invalid AMD load callback in define(...) is not called in inline script zhangyp

If I use define method to load and declare module in inline javascript. The callback is never called. But if I use require(), the callback is successfully called. Here is my test case to reproduce the problem. (Also, if the javascript is externalized to a js file and introduced into HTML by <script> tag, it still does not work.)

		<script type="text/javascript" src="../../../../dojo/dojo.js" djConfig="async:false, parseOnLoad: false, mblHideAddressBar: false "></script>
		<script type="text/javascript">
            console.log("successful callback in require."); 
		  	console.log("successful call back in define.");

#13117 fixed mblAndroidWorkaround breaks input fields in nested views or scrollable views ykami zhangyp

If there is any input fields in a nested view, the view cannot stop scrolling when the user selects an input field and types text into it. It happens on galaxy s and setting mblAndroidWorkaround to true is designed to work around the problem.

However, mblAndroidWorkaround:true breaks the nested views and on the contrary, mblAndroidWorkaround:false makes the function back to work. That means the work around breaks the input fields in nested view and not applying that work around make the nested views back to normal.

If we nest a scrollable view in a view, whether we set mblAndroidWorkaround to true or false does not help to solve the problem. The problem might be caused by leaving webkitTransform style on <body> or view's domNode.

The test case contains 3 html files. index.html shows nested views broken when mblAndroidWorkaround is true. index2.html shows nested views work when mblAndroidWorkaround is false. index3.html shows nested views broken when the nested one is scrollable view.

#13118 fixed simultaneous animations of overlay hide and view transition makes no animation effect ykami zhangyp

If simultaneous animations happen, it will create no effect on Android (not sure about iphone or BB).

The test calls the items on the overlay to start a view transition and hide the overlay itself. But there is no animation effects if both animations happened on same time.

In the test case, index.html address the problme and index2.html disable the overlay hide and make the view transition effects work.

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