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#18869 invalid dojo 1.10.4 error: Must pre-load all supporting widgets before instantiation jonavuka


I'm doing a project that involves upgrading our dojo toolkit from 1.9.1 to 1.10.4 and I am experiencing an issue with the template. I am using the _Template.js module from the dijit package and I get the following errors:

dojo/parser::parse() error TypeError?: Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined(…) init.js:623 dojo/parser::parse() error Error: custom.MapContainer?: parser returned unfilled promise (probably waiting for module auto-load), unsupported by _WidgetsInTemplateMixin. Must pre-load all supporting widgets before instantiation

In our MapContainer?.js module we use an html as a template as such:

templatePath : dojo.moduleUrl("custom.templates", "MapContainer?.html")

The MapContainer?.js module is the first thing that's called in our application, it goes through the constructor and then goes into a file called init.js. This project uses arcgis javascript api which in turn uses the dojo toolkit. So this init.js is part of the arcgis application and it ends up spitting the error I mentioned above.

The behaviour of the application is different from browser to browser. For instance, in chrome and Firefox the error is always displayed. However, for IE if the cache is cleared the error happens but when the page is reloaded it doesn't happen and the application behaves as expected.

Any idea what this could be? Where can I look to find the underlying issue?

#18868 fixed Hardcoded './util/…' paths in dojo-util break when installed via npm Michael Van Sickle <[email protected]…> tupton

If one installs dojo-util via npm, it gets installed to a directory called …/node_modules/dojo-util. Because there are numerous scripts within dojo util that hardcode util as part of the path, these scripts break.

There should be a way to make these paths relative without having to hardcode util in there, or at the very least there should be a mechanism to provide the name of the directory in which dojo-util is located.

Right now, the "workaround" is to install dojo-util via bower, which lets you specify custom directory names. This isn't ideal, as npm is more active, better-supported, and the preferred way to install front-end dependencies, and we'd like to standardize on it. dojo et al. are the last remaining packages of ours that cannot be installed via npm. npm does indeed support custom directory installations, but it's unclear whether or not that's a happy accident. In any case, it doesn't play well with npm-shrinkwrap which is vital to creating reproducible builds and accurate development, testing, and staging environments.

(Apologies if this issue has come up before or if there's another ticket around this, but I searched and couldn't find anything.)

#18867 worksforme dojo/store/Memory Can't Get Reference Using Declarative Syntax George Sexton

Given a store created declaratively:

<div data-dojo-type="dojo/store/Memory" data-dojo-id="typeStore" data-dojo-props="data: [ a set of data]"></div>

later in the scripting, I'm trying to get a reference to the store.


var store=dojo.byId('typeStore');


var store=dom.byId('typeStore');


var store=registry.byId('typeStore');

The result of the byId() methods is null.

There should be some method of getting a reference to the store.

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