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#626 fixed wipeIn/wipeOut for width dante [email protected]

As Alex mentioned on the mailinglist, the fx package will undergo a complete rewrite.Therefore no use of submitting a patch against the current code, I think. Would be nice to have the effect for the width too.

#114 fixed wipeIn/Out remebers new size if triggered during a wipe effect Bryan Forbes [email protected]

if you have a wipeOut/In effect and during the wipe you retrigger the effect, it will start over remembering the current size of the wipeOut area and never restore the item to its original size during that instance of the page.

example can be seen at (users list is the longest one and eastiest to trip this bug on)


#6941 fixed wipeIn()/wipeOut() leave overflow:hidden on nodes bill bill

The wipeIn() and wipeOut() effect sets overflow: hidden during the effect so that there's no scrollbar shown. And it doesn't erase that style setting (or rather, revert it to whatever the original setting was) when the effect ends.

Normally this isn't an issue, since when the wipeIn() animation finishes the node is it's natural height and thus there is no vertical overflow... the problem is horizontal overflow. If the node has horizontal overflow (and thus needs a horizontal scrollbar), that horizontal overflow is getting hidden.

For test case see #6940

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