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#6117 worksforme wrap certain constructs in tables for browser bidi quirks Adam Peller
  • Fixes Radio/CheckBox? alignment problems in FF rtl
  • Fixes Slider problem in IE rtl (due to parent div float style)
#6161 fixed Editor getValue() returns nested <p> guest

I have run into a difficult issue with the Editor control in IE7 and dojo 1.0.2. A simple copy/paste operation causes the Editor.getValue() to be invalid HTML. To reproduce the error:

  1. Start with an empty Editor control.
  2. Type a, hit enter, type b, hit enter.
  3. Highlight the a and make it bold (or any other markup).
  4. Highlight the b line so you get the newline.
  5. Copy
  6. Paste next to the a.

The result is arguably incorrect as you now have a bold a, bold b and regular b (each on their own line) when one would expect two regular b's. The exact spacing (two lines, three lines, etc) is debatable and completely irrelevant. The real problem, however, is the markup that is returned from getValue() is invalid. It is as follows:

< p >< strong >a< p >b< /p >< /strong >< /p >< p >b< /p >< p >b< /p >

If you put it back into the control (ie if the markup is saved like this), it will get progressively worse each time as more and more b's are added. Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Note: You can accomplish the same incorrect markup just by adding newlines but the repro steps are easier here.

#6192 wontfix make dijit.form.Form more useful alex

today dijit.form.Form doesn't handle some straight-forward use-cases. For instance:

  • addChild() doesn't work
  • handling of native HTML input types is feeble to non-existant
  • form.Form can't auto-generate fieldsets from groups of item/label/required pairs/objects
  • form.Form doesn't handle automatic XHR-ing of form data
  • there's no integration
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