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#17352 patchwelcome 'canvasWithEvents' renderer throws exception on Firefox 3.6 Eric Durocher Eric Durocher

The canvasWithEvent renderer calls Object.defineProperty (line 380), but the function is not supported in Firefox 3.6, so an error is thrown and the event mechanism fails.

To reproduce:

  • run dojox/gfx/tests/events-canvas.html in Firefox 3.6 (with the Firebug console enabled)
  • move the mouse pointer into the "jQuery" box => the following error is displayed in the console:
    Object.defineProperty is not a function
  • click the "dojo" box => the dialog says "Thanks you choosing jQuery", which is wrong, obviously! ;-)
#1862 wontfix 'checked' and 'disabled' attributes no longer work in custom widgets anonymous [email protected]

One of the code changes for #1586 was to add special handling of 'checked' and 'disabled' attributes in dojo.widget.Parse.parseProperties. This has implications for all widgets, including a custom widget of my own that has a checked attribute. With this changed the checked property is always 'true' no matter what I set it to in the html. Perhaps there is a better way to address the original bug that does not disrupt these attribute names for all widgets.

#18342 fixed 'contextmenu' event also firing click event on dijit/form/Button in Internet Explorer 10+ bill benbrunton

Example here:

Right clicking causes the left click listener to fire. This seems to be to do with the dojoClick property which is assigned to nodes in dijit/a11yclick (line 90). This property is used in dojo/touch to alter the native touch behaviour.

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