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#16017 wontfix Complex Expressions (URLs, emails,..etc) with Bidi text are not ordered correctly when direction is RTL Alia Naguib Alia Naguib

Locale: English

Browsers: IE8/Windows 7 & FF10/Windows 7


1- Set the direction to RTL (use dir="rtl")

2- Create a set of radio buttons

3- Create a set of check boxes

4- Set the labels of the radio buttons and check buttons with English and any bidi language.

Ex: - English (123) عربي 123

  • c:/Desktop/الحافظة الأولى‎/الحافظة الثانية‎/الملف‎.txt
  • First Choice: All English (123)
  • الاول‎.الثاني‎@السرفر‎.com

Expected Result:

1- Text maintains the same order even when the direction is set to right to left (RTL)

Actual Result:

1- The text is not ordered correctly. Brackets are misplaced and Arabic text is in reversed order

Ex: - c:/Desktop/الحافظة الأولى/الحافظة الثانية/الملف.txt

  • ( All English (123

#16020 fixed TabContainer: right border invisible on IE8 when width 100% and body has em border Alia Naguib Alia Naguib

Locale: English

Browsers: IE8/Windows 7


1- Set the width of TabContainer? to 100%

Expected Result:

1- The rightmost border of the container is invisible

Actual Result:

2- All borders should be visible

#17396 invalid defect dojox/geo/openlayers/WidgetFeature ApostolDk ApostolDk

As you move around the map with the mouse button pressed, the objects crawl away. defect visible, if the map layer with some object in map will redraw() after some time.

Fixed function attached in file

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