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#18883 fixed StatefulArray.watchElements provide inconsistent argiments values (adds and removals) Ed Chatelain Rozaev Viktor

The problem description: StatefulArray? has watchElements method, that method call callback with arguments index, removals and adds.

When you add element or remove element from StatefulArray?, then removals and adds will be arrays.

But if you sort StatefulArray?, then removals and adds has value undefined.

It's looks like inconsistent API, we get Exception in our project because of that.

Maybe removals and adds should contains empty arrays?

#18880 fixed doh: async test and a throw in teardown makes doh crash Michael Van Sickle <[email protected]…> tupton

If you have an async test in doh – that is, if you return a doh.Deferred in runTestand you throw in your tearDown, that causes doh to crash. I believe this is a simple context issue here: this.debug should be doh.debug.

This is possibly a bad copy paste from but I'm not entirely sure.

I have a codepen that reproduces the issue here:

I know doh is pretty much deprecated in favor of intern and other alternatives, but we still use doh and it'd be awesome to fix this if it truly is that simple.

#18877 fixed Update version of Closure Compiler dylan dylan

Update Closure Compiler to v20160713 Add compilationLevel option to optimizeOptions Add all compilation level set functions to optimizeOptions Add languageOut option to optimizeOptions Update languageIn and languageOut options to use fromString enum function

Documentation also to be updated.

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