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#3598 duplicate 'Normal' loading of external js with dojo.require fails in IE James Burke guest

In a custom widget, if I attempt to load some third-party js file to call some functions, I get "Object Expected" in IE.

I'm calling dojo.require("", false, true) to load the js file, which I read in the dojo archives that using this syntax,

you can do without the "dojo.provide" call in your JS files by altering your dojo.require call.

e.g. dojo.require("", false, true);

The last argument tells dojo not to validate that the object exists, therefore you can put whatever you like in that file.

If i manually include the js script using a script tag, everything works fine in IE and firefox, so it's not a syntax error.

Simple test: create a custom widget, try to require (using the syntax above) an external js file which contains a simple function:

function test() { alert("test called"); }

and try to invoke that function from your custom widget.

#16947 fixed 'RequestError' is undefined (dojox/rpc/JSONRPC) haysmark mc007ibi

the object 'RequestError' is undefined in dojox/rpc/JSONRPC. I discovered this by switching from stable 1.8 to trunk.

see :

deserialize: function(obj){
				if ('Error' == // old xhr
					|| obj instanceof RequestError // new xhr
#9100 fixed 'already called' error when setting href for ContentPane after calling destroyRecursive bill Nick Fenwick

platform: Firefox 3.0.6, CentOS 5.3. dojo 1.2 from but also 1.3.0 rc 2 tested.

I'm rather confused by this one, being a bit of a dojo newbie. It may be irrelevant as it seems to be fixed in the final 1.3.0 release.

I've boiled it down to a simple pair of test pages. One is the main page, and it loads the second page into a ContentPane?. There are two buttons; each sets the 'href' attr on the ContentPane?, but the second calls destroyRecursive() on the ContentPane? widget before doing so. contains:

simple_alreadycalled1.html - the master page, with the javascript
simple_alreadycalled2.html - a very simple html snippet

To reproduce the behaviour, load simple_alreadycalled1.html, click the first button, then click the second. The full error that firebug shows is "[Exception... "'Error: already called!' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]" nsresult: "0x8057001c (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_JS_OBJECT)" location: "<unknown>" data: no]".

I can click the first button repeatedly with no problems, so a simple 'href' is fine. It's only when using the second button that the problem appears. I pause a second or two between clicks, so I don't think in-flight cancellation issues are relevant.

It seems that the call to destroyRecursive() causes the error to be thrown, before the attr('href',..) is even attempted by the second button. contains two sets of screens, one done on a plain Firefox profile, the other on a profile with lots of addons loaded including firebug. Both sets display the problem, the plain one is harder to spot because the error doesn't seem to be printed to the console; however, the ContentPane? fails to refresh, so I presume the exception has occurred and isn't being reported.

The same behaviour seems to happen in Opera (9.62).

I've switched to the 1.3.0 release in the last hour, and the problem seems to have gone away. No errors occur and the setting of 'href' succeeds.

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