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#18649 invalid Switching localization and Cookie plugin for enhanced grid Alex_IZA Alex_IZA

Columns names are localized in grid. When user change the localization on web page, the name of grid columns is changed.

Module dojox/grid/enhanced/plugins/Cookie, in function “var _loadColumnOrder = function (colOrder, grid)”

It contains condition: if (json.toJson({'name':, 'field': cell.field}) == json.toJson(cellInfo)) {

if (cell.field == cellInfo.field) {



Of couse the != (from cookie), because the names of the current cell and the name of cell from cookie vary after user did switching localization.

Why not compare only cell.fields: if (cell.field == cellInfo.field) {



And change function code _saveColumnOrder: return {

"name":, "field": cell.field


#16379 invalid Couldn't change image size in dijit.Editor under IE9 Alexander_Zubov Alexander_Zubov

Steps for reproducing:

  1. under IE9 go to

  1. Run example.
  2. Click "Add image button".
  3. Set valid url for image.
  4. Click set button --> image appeared on working area(part that was inherited from RichText? widgit) but fails to change size of image( In FF 16 all good works).
#15945 invalid Programmatically created dijit.InlineEditbox is not mirrored correctly Alia Naguib Alia Naguib

Locale: English Browsers: IE8/Windows 7, FF10/Windows 7


1- Set the direction of the programmatically created inlineEditBox to right to left (use dir="rtl")

2- Click on the text to do some editing

Actual Result:

  • Once editing is activated, the text is automatically left aligned

Expected Result:

  • Since RTL direction is specified, then whether in edit mode or not the text should remain right aligned
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