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#918 fixed wizard widget button positioning and usability dylan anonymous

By default, the wizard buttons currently have the following order:

previous, next, cancel, done

This leads to the following confusing situation, when disabled buttons are hidden:

first step: next, cancel, done ... middle steps: previous, next, cancel middle steps: previous, next, cancel middle steps: previous, next, cancel ... last step: previous, cancel, done

At the last step, the user is expecting the "done" buttonat the place where previously was "next" , but there is the "cancel" button there.

Proposed solution: when disabled buttons are hidden, at the last step, the order of cancel and done buttons should be reversed (first "done", then "cancel") or there should be an widget option for defining the order of the buttons.

#1635 fixed wizard panes 2 and onwards not displaying LayoutContainer's left / right parts dante [email protected]

If you create a wizard container, then add two or more wizard panes, each of which contain layout containers, then on wizard panes 2 and onwards the left and right parts of the layout container are no longer displayed.

This problem occurs in both IE and FF, not tested on other browsers.

Further, IE displays the layout container in wizard panes 2 - onwards, outside the wizard pane.

#1438 worksforme wizard does not allow doneButton with a valid cancelFunction dante [email protected]

If the WizardContainer? argument for "cancelFunction= " is left null, points to a non existent function, or just left out of the tag, the "doneButton" will not render.

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