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#5857 fixed BorderContainer: drop down placement form ComboBox is off (Safari) bill

See second test in on safari. Drop down for Combobox overlaps the combobox itself. Not sure which component this problem is in but marking for Dijit for now.

Strangely, seems unrelated to position of browser window scrollbar or of scrollbar of center pane.

#5875 fixed Menu: menus with no icon still have blank spot for icon bill

Even if none of the MenuItem?'s have an icon, there's still a blank 16x16px spot reserved for the icon. Problem is that in tundra (and other themes), size is hardcoded:

.tundra .dijitMenuItemIcon {
	width: 16px;
	height: 16px;

Probably should leave the size specification to the CSS classes for each individual icon. Maybe get rid of dijitMenuItemIcon altogether.

#5912 duplicate [patch][ccla] Allow Tree to use custom TreeNode implementations Robert Coup

Currently if you want to make your nodes more complicated than adjusting the CSS or text label it requires monkey-patching dijit._TreeNode.

The attached patch adds a nodeType parameter to dijit.Tree which takes a constructor function (or string that can be resolved), which is used for constructing nodes in that tree. A simple test is there as well. The constructor function needs to be compatible with dijit._TreeNode obviously. But it allows easy behavior changes, using different templates, storing more state, etc.

Submitting for review, since I'm not a Tree expert. I'm also not sure about the nodeType name, feel free to offer improvements.

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