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#18889 fixed New Mastercard card number ranges dylan Robert Coup

Mastercard has received an additional range of 2-series numbers to add to the 5-series that we currently provide.

The card number prefix range 222100 - 272099 should be treated in the same manner as the existing prefix range 510000 - 559999. Is starting to roll out to payment gateways/software/etc now, and cards are intending to be issued in 2017.

dojox.validate.creditCard has regexes for range validation which need to be updated.

#18888 fixed BackgroundIframe not enabled for IE11/Win10 Michael Van Sickle <[email protected]…> Earl Hood

The BackgroundIframe? is not enabled for IE11 under Windows 10 environments. Because of this, popups, do not show when popped up over an ActiveX control.

Examining dijit/BackgroundIframe.js, the Windows OS version check needs to be updated to check for "Windows 10.0". For example:

        (has("ie") && !/IEMobile\/10\.0/.test(navigator.userAgent)) || // No iframe on WP8, to match 1.9 behavior
        (has("trident") && /Windows NT (?:6\.[01]|10\.0)/.test(navigator.userAgent)));

Workaround for existing (1.11.2) and previous releases of the toolkit can has.add("config-bgIframe") before dijit/BackgroundIframe is loaded to supercede the test for those that need to support IE11/ActiveX/Win10 environments.

#18886 fixed Array length issues for dojox/string/BidiEngine Kitson Kelly Kitson Kelly

There are logic errors in this code:

  • Arrays supposed to contain the replacement codes (IsolatedForm?, FinalForm?, MedialForm?, InitialForm?) don’t have the same length as the BaseForm? array, resulting sometimes in incorrect results ("undefined" string inserted in the resulting shaped string).
  • The array BaseForm? has duplicates that cannot be reached by iterating through the elements. Only the first instance will be used.

There are also discrepancies with the unicode chart:

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