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#16849 fixed dojox/mobile API doc improvements Eric Durocher Adrian Vasiliu

Various API doc improvements/fixes, including deprecation of EdgeToEdgeDataList?, RoundRectDataList?, and sniff.

#16868 fixed dojox/mobile: error thrown when deleting programmatically an item of an editable IconContainer Eric Durocher Adrian Vasiliu

For an editable dojox/mobile/IconContainer, calling deleteItem() programmatically fails and throws an error. (Differently, there is no error when deleting the item using interactively using the the close button).

How to reproduce:

Use the DOH test IconContainerTest2.html included in the attached patch.

#16900 fixed [patch][ccla]dojox/gesture breaks the editing of input fields Evan Adrian Vasiliu

dojox/gesture breaks the editing of <input> (or <textarea>) elements that are descendants of elements for which dojox/gesture is used.

How to reproduce:

  1. Load the attached test_gesture_with_input_field.html (this is the same as dojox/gesture/tests/test_gesture.html except that it contains an <input> field).
  1. Try to edit the content of the input field (click or touch the input field).

=> You cannot.

This holds in both desktop (latest FF or Chrome) and mobile browsers (Safari on iPad 4). A workaround is (on desktop) to give the focus to the input field using the TAB key.

The cause is the e.preventDefault() called by dojox/gesture/Base._process() regardless of the type of event's target. The attached suggested patch goes similarly as dojo/touch for the same issue.

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