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#56 wontfix dojo:type syntax broken in FF Alex [email protected]

If I use markup like: <dojo:foo/><dojo:foo/>

on FF, only the first 'foo' is created. No problems in IE.

#137 fixed Can't build from a profile file outside of buildscripts/profiles/ Alex [email protected]

build.xml hardcodes path information for profiles. We would like to be able to keep all custom files out of the dojo/ source tree including custom build profiles.

#482 fixed debugAtAllCosts working with user namespaces Alex Russell Morris Johns

Patch to fix debugAtAllCosts so it works even if you use registerWidgetPackage() for your own package.

Also added a parameter so you can re-enable the auto-loading of dojo.require'd files (Parameter is an ugly string, but it works!).

Modified so if you use dojo.hostenv.writeIncludes() more than once, it no longer writes a duplicate copy of all the script tags already written (faster loading!).

Added a test file for user defined package with debugging turned on (attached).

I have put the notes about the debugAtAllCosts feature and using inside the attached test page.

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