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#73 fixed change Widget system inheritence to prototypal mixin sjmiles psowden

The inheritence chain for a widget should descend from Widget into the specific implementation like so:

Widget -> Menu -> DomMenu? -> HtmlMenu?

The render specific Widget classes (DomWidget?, HtmlWidget?...) will be defined as interfaces which get "mixed in" to the corresponding Dom*, Html*... object's prototypes.

This will hopefully allow us to:

  • have a single defined interitence chain
  • allow us to check for instances of both Widget and Menu
  • allow us to call superclass methods in our *Menu chain
  • still reap the benefits of abstracting to *Widget
#74 wontfix use a more powerful templating system in widgets alex psowden

A more powerful templating system would allow us to:

  • fill in templates from properties of a Widget instance
  • attach from the template to properties of a Widget instance
  • allow for looping, etc.
#75 wontfix Allow instantiation of widgets using new alex psowden

Allow an instance of *Menu to be instantiated using

new Menu(properties)

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