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#5786 wontfix Tree DnD doesn't work with ItemFileWriteStore/nested items bill

This is either a bug or a limitation depending on your point of view. Not planning to fix but filing ticket for reference purposes.

Assume you have a that points to nested data like below, rather than using _reference:

	identifier: 'id',
	label: 'name',
	items: [
		{ id: '0', name:'Fruits', children:[
			{ id: '1',name:'Citrus'}
		{ id: '2', name:'Vegetables'}

Dragging a child element to the root (ie, moving Citrus to be a top level item) won't work. This is mainly because the API doesn't support an API to make an element "top level". All you can do is set Fruits.children to be an empty array, orphaning Citrus. However, even if orphaning Citrus caused it to become top level, Tree still wouldn't work because it would have no notification that the Citrus item had changed and thus (possibly) had become top level, so it won't even check.

Thus, for Tree/DML you need to use _reference.

#5813 fixed dijit/tests/test.html fails: dojo.byId is not a function Adam Peller
#5856 wontfix themeTester.html reload slows down on IE6 bill

themeTester.html prints "Total parse time" to the console. On IE6 (WinXP on parallels on my machine running against source tree), the time goes from 10s, 15s, 20s, etc. each time reloaded. This is a regression from 1.0 where it went 9s, 12s, 16s.

No idea where the problem is, or even whether is dojo core or dijit, but marking as dijit.

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