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#18897 fixed Update dnd/autoscroll.js to allow scrolling in one direction dylan dylan

See PR

#18895 fixed Deprecated attempt to access property 'changedTouches' on a non-TouchEvent object iOS 10 dylan lbudgell

Since iOS 10 customers have reported freezing / slow behaviour on their iOS devices. I dug into what the cause might be and noticed that on desktop safari things seem to run smoothly but on iOS in safari after page is loaded this error is generated on any tap or touch and scroll interaction on a page:

dojo.js:8037Deprecated attempt to access property 'changedTouches' on a non-TouchEvent? object.

Added Attachment shows results after scrolling up and down a page a few times causes about 100 errors quickly and the freezing starts when the errors get to a certain point.

Any ideas as to what changed that would cause such an issue?

#18893 wontfix deprecated KeyboardEvent methods (Chrome) awallat

In Chrome I get one of these warnings, when using a ValidationTextBox?:

'KeyboardEvent.keyIdentifier' is deprecated and will be removed in M53, around September 2016. See for more details.

I'm afraid that my code won't work soon in Chrome, when they remove this feature.

This is related to #17824.

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