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#92 fixed Add "Development" section to top header david Praneet Kandula

Since Trac is where bugs are reported, and new features requested, I suggest a link to Trac be placed in the top header next to Community, Examples, Docs and the like. It would make the development process a bit more transparent :-)

If the Development link takes us to the Trac Wiki main page, we can edit that to tell people where the mailing lists are, how to file a new bug, feature request, etc.

#93 fixed post with formNode + content is borken from patch 1311 david dylan

When using to do a post with content coming from both a formNode and a content object, I'm getting munged data on the post. Reverting the IO directory to 1310 resolves the issue.

#95 fixed API documentation issues david dylan
  • Some of the API values have compressed/obfuscated names
  • Links on the API documentation index page on the bottom left under the properties section are are borken (it appears that they link to .html instead of .shtml)
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