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#6312 patchwelcome LightBox should be an option for the dojox.image.Gallery dante guest

dojox.image.Gallery really needs some more options for the linkAttr.

1) Using dojox.image.LightBox? should be an option for handling the linkAttr. This tigher integration makes a lot of sense I think....

2) Additionally, it would be nice to be able to specify any js function as the link target. Something like onclick.... I tried using javascript:alert('test') as the linkAttr, but it still opens a new tab because of the target="_blank" code.

#6340 patchwelcome [dojox.layout] Dragging of floatingpane doesn't work dante guest

in Version 1.1 RC2 dragging of floatingpane don´t work. Workaround: call flaotingpane.resize method with param (t:1, l:1) The floatingpane_test.html already works because of the css-param body {padding:2em 2em 2em 2em; } in dijitTests.css.

#6343 patchwelcome ComboBox: Impossible to set to an empty value using the keyboard when there is no "blank" choice Joseph Scheuhammer

Consider the test page: .../dijit/tests/form/test_ComboBox.html

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Focus on the combobox designated "Dijit List test #1 (150% font):". This combobox initially displays the value "dijit.Editor".
  1. Erase that value such that the box is blank. The list of choices pops up.

3a. Dismiss the choice list via esc. "dijit.Editor" will reappear in the box as the choice.

3b. Alternatively, dismiss the choice by clicking outside of the list of choices. The box will remain empty.

If the user's intent is to leave the box empty, they can't do it using the keyboard.

Compare the above results with the combo box labelled "US State test 1 (200% Courier font):" (the first one on the test page). This combo box includes a "blank" choice at the top of its list, just above "Alabama". Here, users can use the keyboard to choose the "blank" choice and make the box empty.

Note that there is a general inconsistency here between keyboard and mouse operation: if dismissed by pressing esc, the choice reverts back to the last value; however, if dismissed by mouse click (e.g., clicking outside of the list), the result is the current value.

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