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#5655 duplicate InlineEditBox: problem after canceling ComboBox InlineEditor bill

On FF, in test_InlineEditBox.html:

  1. click "refrigerator"
  2. type "x"
  3. push cancel button
  4. click "$2,000.00"
  5. mouse over the field

This produces JS errors about "this.domNode is not defined".

Turns out that "this" is a ComboBox widget, clearly the one corresponding to "refrigerator".

#5696 worksforme dijitAccordionTitle not styled with cursor=pointer ptwobrussell

I just noticed that when I mouseover an AccordionPane?'s title (whether it is the actively selected one or not) that the cursor never turns into a pointer. Since AccordionPane? titles are selectable like tabs, I got the impression that they should be styled as such.

This behavior exists as of r12172.

#5698 patchwelcome error inputting negative numbers for ar locale Adam Peller

I need to look into this more, but I think there is a problem where the negative number is supposed to go after the number, but NumberTextBox? moves the negative sign to the front when regaining focus.

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