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#9109 worksforme #7748 returned in 1.3.0? dojo.clone fails in FF and not IE sjmiles Phil Bowles

dojo.clone fails in FF 3.0.8, works in IE 7.0.5730

Testcase is simple:

var newnode=new dijit.form.TextBox();
var clone=dojo.clone(newnode);

works 100% as per expected in IE7

in FF, fails thus:

e is undefined
fp()()/code/do.../event.js (line 33)
clone()(Object)/code/do...e/lang.js (line 257)
clone()(function())/code/do...e/lang.js (line 261)
clone()([input#dijit_form_TextBox_0.dijit, "onmouseenter", function(), 1 more... 0=input#dijit_form_TextBox_0.dijit 1=onmouseenter])/code/do...e/lang.js (line 243)
clone()([[input#dijit_form_TextBox_0.dijit, "onmouseenter", function(), 1 more... 0=input#dijit_form_TextBox_0.dijit 1=onmouseenter] 0=[4]])/code/do...e/lang.js (line 243)
clone()([[[input#dijit_form_TextBox_0.dijit, "onmouseenter", function(), 1 more... 0=input#dijit_form_TextBox_0.dijit 1=onmouseenter] 0=[4]], [[input#dijit_form_TextBox_0.dijit, "onmouseleave", function(), 1 more... 0=input#dijit_form_TextBox_0.dijit 1=onmouseleave] 0=[4]], [[input#dijit_form_TextBox_0.dijit, "oninput", function(), 1 more... 0=input#dijit_form_TextBox_0.dijit 1=oninput 3=1] 0=[4]] 0=[1] 1=[1] 2=[1]])/code/do...e/lang.js (line 243)
clone()([Widget dijit.form.TextBox, dijit_form_TextBox_0] _connects=[3] _deferredConnects=Object)

this looks to be the same code (without the webkit additions, which I don't understand) as trac #7748, i.e. its something to do with the special handling of mouseenter events in FF

..either way, I can't clone a node in FF without getting this error!

PS the line numbers in lang.js may be wrong - i put some console.debug output in my source installation to track this bug down

#1600 fixed & showing up in combobox widget Douglas Hays guest

if you try and use a & in the title of a list item it shows up as & no matter what i try and escape & with. This seems to ONLY APPLY to inline list items, there is no problem if you use dataURL

#13537 wontfix '#' CSS property prefix breaks LESS nonken Sam Foster

In dijit.css there are a few places where we use '#' as a property-name prefix to target IE. This character hasa special meaning in this context for LESS and is tripping up its parser.

Although dijit.css is not currently LESS-ified, we should play nice with LESS wherever we can, and allow folks to lessify this and any other stylesheet as that's the tool we're endorsing.

the '*' character appears to have the same effect of filtering all but IE, and is safe for use with LESS. '_' should also work.

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