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#6163 patchwelcome [dojox.image] Insert Image Editor Plugin dante Adam Peller

Extend the existing dijit.Editor image plugin to use the ThumbnailPicker?? in conjunction with to provide a way to insert images from a service, like flickr or some other source. Probably a good idea to provide a tabbed interface or some way to still provide a plain image url (perhaps with a lightbox preview?)

attached is the beginnings of such a plugin

#6241 patchwelcome Week 53 in 2007? Adam Peller guest

There seems to be a mismatch between dokumentation and code in handling of getIsoWeekOfYear.

getIsoWeekOfYear gives week number 53 for Monday, December 31, 2007. tests/posix.js validates this behavior:

	week = Date(2007,11,31));, week);
	week = Date(2008,0,1));, week);

The documentation however says that

	//   The week containing January 4th is the first week of the year.

According to Wikipedia

The following years have 53 weeks:
    * years starting with Thursday
    * leap years starting with Wednesday


The ISO year starts at the first day (Monday) of
week 01 and ends at the Sunday before the new 
ISO year (hence without overlap or gap)

Whereas in the current implementation, the first week of 2008 seems to begin on Tuesday.

#6284 patchwelcome function to test if coordinate is in dom element like Eugene Lazutkin harobed

I work on low level drag and drop as easy as scriptaculous ( In my code I need to test if coordinate is in dom element. This function is like "".

Few month ago I've spoke about this function ( Now I suggest my path.

Regards, Stephane

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