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#12804 fixed TooltipDialog: closes unexpectedly when closing DateTextBox by clicking arrow icon bill JayZ(zhouxiang)

in "test_TooltipDialog.html", open the first "show tooltip dialog", when we open the third one -- "DateTextBox?" and close without choose any date, the DateTextBox? closed and the tooltipDialog is also disappeared.

the correct way is: the DateTextBox? should be closed but the tooltipDialog should not be closed.

#13856 fixed TimeTextBox: need more a11y support mikeb JayZ(zhouxiang)

The time picker would be better to support several key event e.g. up/down, and possibly others (pageup/pagedown for per-hour moves, etc).

JAWS screen reader doesn't read the time options as you move focus through them.

#13858 wontfix placeholder's contrast ratio is too low Douglas Hays JayZ(zhouxiang)

placeholder of the form widgets' contrast ratio is too low (2.3:1). we'd better increase it according to the Web Accessibility Checklist (4.5:1)

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