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#18357 patchwelcome Cancel dojox/mobile click highlight on Android Adrian Vasiliu dylan

(This was reported by a user that was having trouble logging into our system to create a user account.)

I am building a mobile app using PhoneGap/Dojo? 1.10.2, and trying to make the look and feel as native as possible. Right now it works perfectly on desktops (testing) and on iOS. However when I run it on Android there is an unavoidable click highlight about a second after I click on something. Examples widgets that exhibit this behavior:

dojox/mobile/TabBarButton dojox/mobile/ListItem

Nothing I have tried so far prevents Android noticing the click and issuing its annoying flash animation. It appears to ignore -webkit-tap-highlight-color.

I don't know if this is a Dojo bug, or something with Android.

#18360 wontfix Scrolling corrupted in mobile ScrollableView on iOS 8 Safari when keyboard is up Adrian Vasiliu red3

Inside a ScrollableView?, when selecting an textbox or textarea, the keyboard comes up, the textbox may not come into view (being overlaid by the the keyboard). When scrolling the view the cursor, as well as the text selection highlight box, seems detached from the textbox, and the scrolling is out of sync with my finger action, being very jittery and often scrolling in the opposite direction to my finger's movement. When changing the device orientation, the input field may move out of view and typing on the keyboard will not bring it back into view.

After hiding the keyboard the scrolling behaviour returns to normal. Replacing dojox/mobile/ScrollableView with dojox/mobile/View resolves the issue. But this means you have to sacrifice fixed headers and footers.

Tested on iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8.1 Also tested in Chrome for iOS 8 on the same devices and the problem does not manifest. Problem does not manifest on iOS7 Safari.

#18486 fixed dojox/mobile/SearchBox: misbehavior of cancel button on iOS Adrian Vasiliu Adrian Vasiliu

On iOS (at least 8.x and 7.x), the cancel button displayed by the browser for the input element with type="search" of dojox/mobile/SearchBox misbehaves in the following way:

When taping at a location close to the left margin of the cancel button, the text blinking cursor appears at that location instead of clearing the contents of the input element.

How to reproduce:

  1. Load for instance in Safari iOS (reproduced in 7.x and 8.x).
  2. Tap the input element on the top and enter at least one character.

=> The cancel button appears on the right side of the input element. So far so good.

  1. Tap repeatedly on the left side of the cancel button, starting at some distance and moving progressively closer to the left margin of the close button.

=> After the taps distant from the close button the blinking cursor does not move (so far so good), but when getting closer to the cancel button, at some point, the tap has the effect that the blinking cursor moves the the left margin of the close button (this is incorrect).

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