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#64 fixed build tools need to create per-package rollup files in addition to root package files alex alex

Today, it is onerous and/or penalizing to use dojo via <script /> tags.

After discussing the problem in some depth with David, we have decided that the build system needs to be extended/fixed to automatically build "sub-directory rollup" files which is something the package system is already designed for. Additionally, these files should be preceeded by dependency checking code which uses document.write() to add <script /> blocks for including per-module dependencies. The end goal is to allow less-clued developers to include the parts of Dojo that they want in a coarse-grained way using only <script /> tags.

#65 fixed should honor method over formNode david david

If you pass a method value (i.e. GET, POST) to the object passed to it should override the method on the formNode if a formNode is passed.

#66 fixed new dojo site design unreadable [email protected] psowden

The new Dojo site design is unreadable in my Web browser, the site requires a very wide browser window and becomes completely unuseable as you get slimmer. The "tertiary content" seems to have more importance than the main content as it is very much wider and has a huge heading.

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