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#61 fixed clobber unused namespaces from the source tree in both src/ and tests/ dirs alex alex
#62 fixed Rename base __package__.js to dojo.js david Tom Trenka

Request to rename the initial package.js file to "dojo.js" to facilitate ease of learning the system.

#63 fixed unify and rationalize utility namespaces david alex

As per today's discussion, dojo.xml.domUtil and dojo.xml.htmlUtil need to be moved up to dojo.dom and dojo.xml respectively. Aliasing should be accomplished in the manner described earlier. Other utility namespaces should be considered for consolidation and rationalization. For instance, dojo.alg and dojo.lang may be consolidated into dojo.util. Additionally, graphics and animation namespaces might be normalized.

Please comment in this bug to list all of the proposed changes.

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