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#5324 wontfix Tooltips embedded in templates don't work (aroundNode not found errors when moving mouse anywhere) bill

Given a template with a dijit.form.Button and a Tooltip in it, something like

   <button id="foo" dojoType="dijit.form.Button">...</button>
   <span dojoType="dijit.Tooltip" connectId="foo">...</span>

Even though the tooltip is after the button, it won't initialize correctly, presumably because tooltip can't find the button node since it hasn't been attached to document.body yet.

Not sure how to fix this. Maybe the Tooltip should do it's initialization in startup() rather than postCreate(), and Templated should be changed to call startup on all the nested widgets, but even that would happen before the widget was attached to document.body, for a simple call like new CustomWidget(); .

Mysteriously on FF/mac and FF/linux (but not FF/win) this causes "aroundNode not found" errors to appear when you move your mouse. It seems like the error would just occur once, or actually since the tooltip code has if(node) around the connect code, no error messages would appear (but the tooltip would never show, it would be inert)

#5330 fixed RTL: ComboBox in themetester text overflow Adam Peller

Guessing this may have regressed recently with the change to the table layouts

In themeTester.html?dir=rtl

go to "Form Feel" and scroll to the bottom. In FF, you can only see "Ca" for California

#5406 fixed "above" tooltip display/positioning problems bill

Noticed a number of tooltip display/positioning problems when the tooltip is above the target node. Seen in test_Tooltip.html after pressing the "above/below" button.

General: "Above" tooltip sometimes appears too low, especially the first time the tooltip is shown. Happens even when page isn't scrolled. (IE, FF, Safari)

IE6: above tooltip: tooltip connector triangle overlaps tooltip contents (IE6 only)

FF2: can see border between connector and tooltip contents - this is fixed in FF3 so won't fix for FF2.

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