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#18914 invalid The Grid Plot fails to render the axes correctly when chart.movePlotToBack("gridplot"); is used for a negative axis values. dylan hanif.kukkalli

When I tried to move the grid plot behind the other plots, the rendering of the axes values fails.

The negative y-axis is rendered on the x-axis and the y-axis starts at 0.

The scenario: The chart has values for x-axis as dates and for y-axis ranging from -50 to 50.

When the grid plot is moved to back of the other series plot(for example column), it fails to render the axis correctly. The y-axis displays range from 0 to 50 and x-axis displays range -40 to 0 and then the dates.

#18911 fixed dojo/dom-geometry getContentBox returns incorrect left/top values Dylan Schiemann <[email protected]…> shigley

The documentation and source code comments suggest getContentBox should return a left/top position relative to its offset parent, but it currently only returns left/top padding values. It looks like it was forgotten when the correct left/top was added for getMarginBox:

Additionally, it has an incorrect fix for Opera's offsetLeft/parent border issue. This was addressed in but only fixed for getMarginBox.

#18910 fixed dojo/i18n's evalBundle causing CSP 'unsafe-eval' errors even when unused Michael Van Sickle <[email protected]…> Neil Roberts

evalBundle in dojo/i18n may be declared as-needed within syncRequire. This prevents unsafe-eval errors when i18n is used with async: true and has("csp-restrictions").

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