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#10012 fixed "Constraints" mixins not documented with type info Neil Roberts Adam Peller

They're marked as namespaces with summary info only

#5429 worksforme "Dojo is undefined" error - with patch anonymous guest


On Firefox+Firebug I sometimes see the following error:

Error: dojo is undefined at
if(typeof dojo == "undefined"){

That's line 20 of dojo.js in the source distribution. Now, this is the first instruction in dojo, so of-course dojo is undefined. I'm surprised that Firebug would give an error on a 'typeof' command. In any event, the following change appears to remove the error:


  • if(typeof dojo == "undefined"){

+ if(typeof(dojo)== "undefined"){ }}

It's just brackets, but it seems to make Firebug happy.

I don't know what severity to assign to this. I haven't seen any problems yet, but it always makes me uneasy when my library starts throwing errors.

#14048 fixed "Error: Bundle not found" for locale=de-DE Rawld Gill Alexander Kläser

We came across a problem when setting dojo.locale=de-DE. A call to dojo.i18n.normalizeLocale() would return de-DE, without transforming it to lower case such that we got the following error message when using a custom built JS file:

Error: Bundle not found: validate in dijit.form , locale=de-DE

The attached patch should fix this behavior.

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