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#5 fixed Trac Ticket setup: establishing components, milestones, versions alex lhl <[email protected]…>

One of the coolest things about Trac 0.8 is its ability to automatically generate roadmaps from tickets. When done properly, this is really really cool.

It's a good idea to establish a good set of milestones (dates can be assigned if desired), versions and components (not hierarchical, but probably good enough for covering the basics: toolkit components, and the related documentation, demo apps, administriva, etc)

#7 fixed bind() behavior with formNode + url (+ method) not well defined alex anonymous

In trying to work with the form handling features of dojo, I have a snippet that works fine under Firefox but fails under IE 6.

Heres the code snippet:

  function divChange() {
    var divToChange = document.getElementById("directoryInner");
    var inputForm = document.getElementById("directorySearch");{
      url: "/tools/directory_inner.jsp",
      load: function(type, data, evt){
        divToChange.innerHTML = data;
      error: function(type, error){
        alert("Error: " + error.message);
      mimetype: "text/plain",
      formNode: inputForm

The form has a button that calls 'divChange()' and the form has an onSubmit="divChange(); return false;"

As mentioned on Firefox this works. On MS-IE 6, the request seems to generate a "sampleTransport Error: 404 Not Found". When I look at the request on the server I see a request to "/tools/[object]?search=foo", which appears as if the 'url' parameter is not in a string format.

#9 fixed first-pass parser borking on IE [email protected] [email protected]

In a deployment scenario, I'm currently seeing the first-pass parser erroring out in a call to dojo.xml.domUtil.getTagName().

My test case right now is fairly huge, and i haven't spent any time making it smaller. Regardless, we need to ensure that most of the thing in domUtil either get replaced when htmlUtil is included w/ browser-safe versions or are browser-safe by default.

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